Management System

Statement from the General Management.

It is essential to build up an efficient quality system as part of a global action plan initiated in the company. The reorganisation work plan embarked on several years ago is intended to give the company a solid base on which to grow and face up to increasingly intense competition.

This reorganisation plan includes a change in style and management methods. The quality system to be built up and improved unceasingly sets out the operational framework for the new organisation, the common reference framework for everyone involved in this company.

The construction of this quality system is the foundation of a permanent process to improve our performance that guarantees the satisfaction of our customers in a spirit of Total Quality Management (TQM) and under ISO 9001 certification.

More precisely, the need to combine the expectations of end users of our equipment and of our intermediary customers – the major specifiers (OEM) – means that we must guarantee the efficiency and increasing reliability of our equipment and strive to be even more professional in terms of:

  • „ Health, safety and environmental protection
  • „ Project management
  • „ Application engineering
  • „ Engineering
  • „ Services
  • „ Customer follow-up

The effectiveness of the Quality framework is measured systematically and shared in Management Review. Everyone at their own level is called on to apply the processes included in our quality framework. Each individual must show analytical and proposal strengths to keep on-going improvement alive.
Achieving our goals relies on the full involvement of all concerned.

The quality policy will be monitored effectively by:

  • A quality management review every six months, attended by all members of the Management Committee.
  • A systematic review of indicators used to manage the progress of the company against quantified targets. The indicators are set out annually under the annual quality and safety improvement plan. The main objective is to measure performance and maintain the on-going improvement process.
  • Displaying these indicators constantly.

Each director provides information on quality assurance and safety issues for the company in his area of responsibility and on our global TQM goal.

I undertake to do everything necessary so that this policy is understood and applied by all. I undertake to assure our customers that all our equipment and services will comply with the stipulations of our quality system and the best principles in terms of risk prevention, safety of individuals and environmental protection.