Core Business

Plaque de firme originale Gohin PoulencThe CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY expertise is based on its experience acquired over more than fifty years in numerous industrial sectors. The company confirmed its leadership in air and gas treatment by acquiring GOHIN POULENC in 1987.

Diversity of applications

With a sustained presence in all industries, CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY has many references in the energy sectors (oil, gas and nuclear), petrochemicals, chemicals, automobile, glass, railways, food, environment, aluminium smelting, pneumatic transport and the steel industry.

Distinctive know-how

CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY is proficient in the many design and manufacturing standards and codes laid down by the regulations on pressurised equipment (CODAP, ASME, DESP, GOST, etc.). CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY thus works with all major engineering companies (EPC) and major end-users.