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Hydrogen processing by CHAUMECA

Like electricity, dihydrogen H2 (hydrogen) is primarily aenergy vector  and not energy as such, because it is produced by means of a chemical reaction from a primary resource.


The main resources for producing dihydrogen H2 are water and hydrocarbons (coal, oil or gas).

Purification Hydrogène ATEX.PNG

A challenge for the future

Faced with respect for the environment and the need to reduce our CO2 emissions, hydrogen represents a great potential forgreenhouse gas reductionand a sector of the future that will helpdecarbonize transport and industry.

  For this innovative industry,CHAUMECA is an indisputable leader and a major player in green hydrogen, present in the hydrogen value chain by offering treatment solutions for many business sectors.

Hydrogène chaumeca schema.png

Our products for hydrogen treatment

Studies on customer specifications


Deoxidation unit on catalytic bed, with controlled reaction initiation heater and aftercooler


Refrigerated drying unit

Pressure adsorption drying unit without gas loss


Demister filter

Dust filter


All our products are designed in compliance with PED 2014/68/EU according to the most recognized codes (CODAP, ASME, CODETI, etc.).

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