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Drying by adsorption consists of passing compressed air through an adsorbent, hungry for water, which becomes saturated and which is regularly regenerated. Regeneration is done by counter-current sweeping either of  expanded dry gas   (heatless dryer – PSA), or hot air (regenerative dryer external – TSA).

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Refrigerated drying is based on the principle of condensation of water contained in the air. It can be carried out using direct expansion equipment adapted to low flow rates or through thermal mass dryers for high or variable flow rates.

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The exchangers make it possible to bring the temperature of the compressed gas to a level compatible with the process, while condensing a maximum of humidity.

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Realization in high or low pressure of gas dryers answering particular constraints, for treatment of gases N2, CO2, He, H2, C2H2, C2H4, CH4…

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Separators take over from filters to sort their waste

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Their goal: to regulate the flow used and ensure a sufficient air reserve so as not to oversize an installation.

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The steam traps eliminate the waste sorted by the separators.

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Barely compressed gas contains impurities, such as water vapor, oil and dust. These impurities are treated at different levels by filters to detach molecules and condensates from the gas.

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CHAUMECA also offers solutions for treating these condensates.

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