Multi-fluid dryer

This series of dryers has proved its worth in the most demanding manufacturing environments. The principle is that of the thermal mass made up of a large volume of glycol water maintained at a temperature close to zero.

Stabilité du point de roséeInstallation adaptée haute pression


Water or air condenser


The refrigerant cools a mass of glycol water used to condense the water vapour in the compressed air.


Heat exchanges with removable and expandable tube bundles


NSE / NSA Series

Dew point stability

  • Air pre-cooled before drying for substantial energy saving
  • Multi fluids: Air and Gas
  • Pressure: 0 to 250 bar
  • Withstands complex manufacturing environments (temperature, dust, ATEX)
  • Steady Dew point for all networks
  • Energy consumption: linked to compressed air consumption
  • Low pressure drop
  • Exceptional service life
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