Our Services

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Expertise and Advice​

Our team of qualified and empowered experts is driven by the desire to satisfy our clients and meet their expectations.


  • Being attentive: Taking into account needs and proposing tailored solutions.
  • Being present: Availability, responsiveness, and proximity.
  • Being effective: Expertise, counsel, and assistance.

Coordination and monitoring of operations​


The Service supports your projects and installations in the long term, both in France and internationally


  • Supervision/control of installation and connection operations for our equipment.
  • Assistance with testing and commissioning operations.
  • Guaranteed troubleshooting in the shortest delays.
  • Maintenance and updating of your equipment.
  • Training for local teams responsible for operating and maintaining our equipment​.


Expertise and know-how contribute to the performance of your installations equipped with CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY treatment solutions.

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Rental of dryers​

Do you have a temporary need for dryers? Are you looking for a modular and flexible solution to meet a temporary requirement?

We offer short and medium-term rental of dryers tailored to your needs.

Our dryers are pre-packaged on transport pallets to facilitate handling and shipping.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Department to receive your personalized rental offer

 Contact our Customer Service Department

HSE Commitment​


CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY and its Customer Service are committed to a management approach that allows us to together share a culture and values contributing to continuous improvement while respecting applicable laws and regulations :

  • Security through risk control.
  • Health of our employees and partners.
  • Protection of our environment.


An approved process is also established to facilitate the handling of used adsorbents on your site, ensuring their transport to approved destruction centers. These operations are carried out in accordance with current regulations on industrial waste.

All our technicians are qualified to work on the sites assigned to them :

HSE – H0V – B2V – BR – BC – BE essais – B2V essais – N2 – M2 – MR – MN2 – CACES – UTO – MASE


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