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For oil refining, gas processing, methaners, or drying and inerting of gas pipelines, discover the solutions that CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY can provide.

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In the case of hydrogen-cooled alternators, CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY adsorption dryers have been used for several decades to remove the water vapor that accumulates in the hydrogen. 

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Find the products suited to the demanding petrochemical sector.


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CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY solutions treat effluents containing solvents and/or VOCs, more or less concentrated in a carrier gas which can be air or nitrogen (polluted gas).

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Do you need to purify nitrogen or hydrogen? CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY can provide solutions.

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  Drawing from our experience in complex industrial environments, we offer skids tailored to extreme conditions.

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Compressed air is widely used on trains.

CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY is involved in the design and manufacturing of onboard motor compressor dryers.

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CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY dryers are used in the automotive industry for instrument air and process air. 

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  CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY has developed a range of specific dryers to meet the high-flow requirements of this industry. Discover them!

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  CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY offers a range of equipment for pneumatic conveying of powdered products such as cement, ash, plastic granules, food powder, and more.

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The design and manufacturing of solutions offered by CHAUMECA TECHNOLOGY scrupulously adhere to the standards and regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry. 

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The range of SRE adsorption dryers is particularly suitable for meeting the very high requirements of this industry in terms of dew point..

Discover our SRE range.

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  We offer dedicated solutions tailored to the specific needs of the food industry. 


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