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L'énergie durable

Our CSR approach

CHAUMECA is part of a sustainable approach

Chaumeca Technology includes in its operation a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach because we have the strong conviction that we can act on a daily basis in the pillars of this approach.

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A structured approach

Because we believe in the merits of our approach and our actions, we have initiated a certification process with the UIMM on a global industrial performance approach.

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The pillars of CSR

The Corporate Social Responsibility approach is reflected in the commitment of economic players to sustainable development.


CSR is based on three fundamental pillars which are:

  • Economic responsibility:through quality of service, support for local producers and suppliers, transparency and payment of invoices within the legal deadlines.

  • Social responsibility : by advocating diversity and equal opportunity, guaranteeing health and safety to employees, enforcing workers' rights and collaborating fairly with global producers.

  • Environmental responsibility:by reducing the carbon impact of its activities, using resources responsibly, reducing company waste and raising employee awareness of environmental issues.



Chaumeca Technology is certified by the UIMM for its CSR approach.
This certification is the mark of our commitment to Global Industrial Performance.

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